3D Scan and JFK

2013 NOVA documentary COLD CASE JFK followed a group of experts who re-examined the Kennedy assassination using modern scientific technology.

Michael Haag, a private consultant and forensic scientist, employed a 3D laser scanner as part of the reconstruction process.

“When I want to look at some new hypothesis or some new conspiracy theory about what happened, I don’t have to go back to the scene; I can just go to my computer and start clicking on scan data to look at distances and angles, and start to compare those points and angles to what I know occurred ballistically,” Haag says. “A lot of the conspiracy theories that people throw out there really haven’t been tested with the physical parameters of the scene. They just throw these ideas out there and hope someone will believe in them. With the scan data, once you go in and start either putting yourself in a particular viewpoint or extracting these measurements, it’s pretty easy to begin knocking some of those theories down … or see what is possible.”