3D Scanning and Insurance Claims

“The insurance adjuster has dozens, if not hundreds, of claims to assess in catastrophic events and it’s a matter of being fast – but accurate as can be by the same token. Scanning inherits both traits of being a camera and a tape measure.”

3D laser scanning can be a valuable tool in the process of investigating a claim to determine fault or responsibility of a third party. Laser scanning provides 3D documentation of the insured’s claims, comprehensively archiving the damage and allowing it to be accessed in perpetuity and high level of detail.

“In some cases, the claims that undergo subrogation are handled in mediation or, ultimately, arbitration. With disaster recovery firms, they are under the gun to get these facilities back up and running … imagine the losses of a major department store or warehouse that is losing money every day that a facility is down. They are tasked with clean up and rehabilitation, but the insurance firms have their estimate and the recovery firms have their own. Having scan documentation of drywall damage or anything else is a great mediation tool. In addition, if it does go to arbitration, the scans are considered un-tamperable evidence.”

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