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A computer animation is a powerful tool to help illustrate complex events and processes effectively and efficiently, ensuring clear and common understanding of key issues.
Dynamic events are not easily visualized: the key phases of interest to the Court for many occurrences, such as accidents or processes, occur in a short period of time. In some circumstances the process is simply difficult for the non-expert to visualize. A computer animation recreates events and demonstrates concepts that tend to be difficult to grasp any other way.

Complex processes and occurrences are distilled to a precise, clear and specific sequence of events. Conditions that occur over time can be effectively portrayed, and observed from the perspective of particular witnesses or vantage points. Processes, for example a mechanical failure, can be viewed in detail and with magnification as desired.

Our computer animations are based on precise measurements, scene photos, physical data and more. We work closely with your team to ensure that what is being represented accurately and effectively communicates the key elements of your theory of the case.

  • Simplify complex events and concepts
  • Minimize errors in comprehension
  • Improve juror information retention
  • Maximize efficiency in the courtroom

In addition to presentation at trial, a computer animation can be beneficial during case preparation. An animated reconstruction of your theory of the case – or theory of opposing counsel – enables identification of any potential strengths and weaknesses in advance.
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