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2. Extracting Road Surface for Engineer Analysis

Once the scene has been scanned, detailed spatial information can be extracted from the scan data as needed in a variety of formats which can readily be imported into an engineer’s technical software to assist with analysis. Scan data can also provide new or additional measurements, or verify the accuracy of an engineer’s initial measurements.

In some cases it may not even be necessary to send an engineer to visit the site at all. The scan data is performed independently of opinion analysis and can be referred to various experts for analysis.

In this example, the topography of the road was exported for an engineer’s analysis. The profile of the road was reconstructed in 5 meter intervals, providing a highly precise surface for the engineer to input into accident reconstruction software, ex. PC-Crash. As a result, the engineer was able to verify the accuracy of his initial measurements against the scan data and evaluate his analysis accordingly.

Above: wire frame of road surface data. Sections of scan data can be exported in a variety of formats for engineer analysis.

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