Digital Imaging Technology and Car Accident Claims

US Attorneys Console and Hollawell are making the most of advanced digital imaging technology.

The Future of Crash Evidence: Digital Imaging Technology and Car Accident Claims

Computer simulations based on the data collected by laser scanners can show investigators how a collision occurred, and ultimately, which driver may be responsible for causing it. The implications of such mockups are, in my mind, twofold:

1. Compelling Crash Evidence: a picture isn’t worth as many words as a digital recreation of a crash with pinpoint accuracy. An insurance adjuster may be hard pressed to deny the liability of their driver when presented with a video of the accident that shows the accident occurring in real time right down to the tire burns and vehicle speeds.

2. Smoother Claims Processing: an insurance company trying to deny liability for an accident claim in the face of such evidence is walking a dangerous line between fair claims handling and bad faith insurance. Placing the financial interests of the company over the rights of policyholders and injured victims to obtain compensation is illegal. Imagine an insurance company that denies a client’s claim only to have the uphill task of overcoming digitally-accurate images of the scene at trial? The argument for the plaintiff practically writes itself.

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