Laser Scanning Helps Determine Veracity of Witness Testimony

The Albany Police Department implemented 3D laser scanning in January of 2013. Detective Victor Pizzola of the Forensic Investigations Unit discusses how laser scanning helps determine veracity of witness testimony.

“Since eyewitness testimony plays a key role in the outcome of a case, it is critical to establish whether witnesses, who are subject to fallibility and deceit, are providing reliable and accurate information. While this may not always be possible, in some cases, laser scan data and 3D visualization software can decisively corroborate or contradict witness claims whenever they come forward.

“When you are processing any crime scene, you cannot predict what might become important later on,” Holloway said. “That’s why this technology is so valuable—it captures everything in the vicinity so that you have that information in the future when something new becomes important that you hadn’t anticipated.”

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