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High speed, high accuracy three-dimensional laser scanners have redefined how scenes and objects are documented and preserved.
Details are important when documenting a scene, and accurate and precise information is essential to the development of your case. Where traditional methods of documentation are based on the selective measurement of individual points, a 3D laser scanner is a highly accurate measuring instrument capable of capturing the spatial information of everything in its field of view by repeatedly sweeping a laser beam over its surroundings, collecting millions of unique data points in a matter of minutes. At the same time, an integrated camera collects 360° panoramic photographs of the location.

By repeating the scan in several different positions and merging the resulting data, a “point cloud” is generated: a group of points so densely collected that when viewed on computer they form a photo-realistic three-dimensional digital model of the scanned site or object.

The digital model can be accessed months or years later, long after the real world environment has changed. The scene can be viewed from any perspective or vantage point and the distance between any two points can be measured and extracted for an engineer’s analysis. And if necessary, the preserved spatial information provides a highly accurate foundation for scene and vehicle reconstruction.

The scanner captures everything in it’s field of view
essentially creating a digital “time capsule”…

…a complete overview of the scene is preserved for
future analysis and reconstruction.
  • Scan data can be used to evaluate the accuracy of measurements collected by engineers using other means
  • Scan data can be referred to various experts for analysis
  • Spatial analysis is performed independently of opinion analysis
  • Scan data can be presented in court without expert opinion support
  • Any evidence that comes up later can be evaluated with the scan data
  • Preserve ALL scene details for future analysis
  • Full colour 360 degree virtual walkthroughs
  • Comprehensive data for engineer analysis
  • View scene from any perspective
  • Evaluate line-of-sight issues
  • Accurate data for reconstruction and animation
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