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Project Description

Camera Matching – Photo and Video Reconstruction in a 3D Digital Model

Photographs and video footage can be digitally reconstructed with a high degree of accuracy to obtain reliable information for analysis, such as measurements, speed and timing data, sightlines and more.

By importing accident scene photographs or video footage frames into a dimensionally accurate digital model, characteristics or features that are present in scene photographs but are no longer available at the scene (e.g. vehicles, obstructions, skid marks, road features) can be located and reconstructed to obtain measurements with a high degree of accuracy.

The above video illustrates how a three-dimensional digital environment precisely matches actual scene photographs.

In this case, a scan of the intersection was conducted and a digital environment generated. Next, a vehicle matching the vehicle seen in photographs was scanned and imported into the digital environment. Finally, scene photographs were imported into the digital environment and aligned precisely. Blue lines highlight the alignment of the digital environment with the photographs.

This process can be used to obtain reliable measurements of features seen in photographs but are no longer available in the real world.

See: Tire Mark Reconstruction – Obtaining Measurements from Scene Photographs.


Top left: actual scene photograph. Top right: reconstructed digital environment with vehicle.
Bottom left: photo with highlighted alignment. Bottom right: digital environment with highlighted alignment.

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