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Project Description


By introducing two-dimensional scene photographs into a three-dimensional computer environment, it is possible to locate and obtain precise measurements of any characteristics or features that are visible in photos but are no longer available at the scene (e.g. tire marks, road features, visibility obstructions). The images and video on this page show imported accident scene photos matched into a laser scanned digital environment for the reconstruction of tire marks.


In the above images, skid marks are visible in the photograph, but no measurements were taken at the scene. The first step in the reconstruction process is to conduct a 3D laser scan of the area. Once scanned, photographs are imported into the 3D laser scanned environment, and the location of the tire marks can now be identified and digitally reconstructed, and the length of the tire mark can be measured and extracted for an engineer’s analysis.

In this particular case, the entire environment was fully reconstructed for use in a computer animation (including buildings, poles, etc. as seen below). However, it should be noted that measurements can be obtained from the scan data with minimal reconstruction.

To see an example of how a three-dimensional digital environment precisely matches actual scene photographs., see Camera Matching.


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