Advanced three-dimensional measurement and imaging technology has revolutionized spatial documentation and analysis, providing invaluable new tools to discover and present definitive answers to the questions of what really happened and why.
  • Preserve scene details and evidence for future analysis
  • Evaluate fault determination and vehicle/structural damage analysis
  • Visualize blind spots, line of sight issues, environmental factors
  • Test various “what-if”scenarios during case preparation
  • Locate and reconstruct objects available only in photo evidence
  • Extract topological maps and road/vehicle profiles
  • Full scene and vehicle 3D reconstruction
  • Accurate computer animations for analysis and presentation


Visido Imaging focuses exclusively on 3D data capture, spatial analysis and animation for accident reconstruction and litigation support. Combining state-of-the-art 3D laser scanning technology with leading-edge software and years of experience in the computer graphics industry, we provide accurate and reliable visual solutions for lawyers, experts, engineers and investigators.

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