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Project Description

Generating A Digital Time Capsule

The most efficient method to preserve the features of a location for future analysis is a laser scan. Unlike traditional methods of measurement which rely on a limited amount of discrete points, a laser scanner captures the surface characteristics of everything in its field of view.

Physical data is captured in unparalleled detail – including structures, fixed objects, vehicles and more — in essence creating a digital “time capsule”: a three-dimensional database of spatial information which can be accessed months, and even years into the future.

Line of sight issues and environmental factors can be evaluated from any viewpoint. Witness testimonies can be substantiated. Standard 2D visual references like site maps and cross sections can be produced with precision. Spatial data such as points, lines, and surfaces can be extracted for engineering software.

  • Preserve scene details and evidence for future analysis
  • View scene from any perspective
  • Collect new measurements without revisiting site
  • Evaluate sight lines and other environmental factors
  • Locate and place objects available only in scene photos
  • Extract road and vehicle profiles for engineer analysis
  • Extract site plans or cross-sections
  • Accurate foundation for reconstruction and animation

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