A key advantage of having a 3D digital re-creation produced is the opportunity to preview and evaluate your theory of the case in an interactive computer environment, ensuring that the sequence of events depicted in the re-creation is consistent with your arguments and theories.

Witness testimonies can be verified and any inconsistencies regarding facts and assumptions can be identified in advance, avoiding potential pitfalls in the courtroom.

Alternative scenarios such as speed variations or changes in the environment can be tested and reviewed, various possibilities can be experimented with. If the theory of opposing counsel is known, it too can be previewed and any potential strengths and weaknesses can be identified, providing valuable insight into understanding the strategy of the opposition.


A computer visualization recreates events and demonstrates concepts that tend to be difficult to grasp any other way.

Dynamic events are not easily visualized: the key phases of interest to the Court for many occurrences, such as accidents or processes, occur in a short period of time. In some circumstances the process is simply difficult for the non-expert to visualize.

A computer animation will:

  • Simplify complex events and concepts
  • Minimize errors in comprehension
  • Improve information retention